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Thursday, February 10, 2011


#20-Ride on the back of a motorcycle

This happened the day before my birthday. I stayed at a place called Bayan Soul in Anjuna, Goa. Very simple, but clean and it came with a reasonable price tag.

I told Gani I needed to exchange money. He said he would take me(which I assumed meant walking). He came to my room to get me and we walked over to a bike and I said " Oh, we are taking that?"  He said "yes, of course".

I'm glad it happened this way, unexpected. I didn't have time to process it and think of ways to walk or get out of it. If anyone has witnessed driving in India, you understand my trepidation. I took a deep breath and hopped on. There was no helmet or protective gear shielding me from becoming one with the earth. We started out, I held on for dear life(which I realised after was highly inappropriate). We drove through winding dirt rodes, over speed bumps and weaving in and out of traffic. I slowly let go of him and rested my hands on my thighs. I changed my money and we headed back, hands resting on my thighs, feeling like all was right with the world.

With a new sense of bravery, I toiled with the idea of renting a scooter. I saw all these cool hippie chicks riding around and I wanted to belong. A wave of common sense swept over me and I remembered how accident prone I am. No two wheeling fun for me.

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