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Friday, October 8, 2010


Drink Absinthe

I did a little tango with the green fairy last night. (For the sake of legality, let's say I was in France). A friend gave me some in a flask. My vision was to sit in a room, by myself, drink it and pretend I was Hemingway in Paris; I would write the most beautiful prose man had ever come across. I would change the world with my enlightened words...instead I wrote this incoherent gibberish:

A drop in the bucket is better than a dry empty pail.

Scusi? Where are the goats?

My complacency is alarming.

Esoteric are my words?

Absinthe my dear you are swift and crafty. Numbness of the tongue, acuteness of the mind, engorging of the vulva.

Clarity beyond the borders and restrictions of the mind. You glow. Lovelorn. Ascension. Higher heights.

Ummmmm. Wow. At the time I felt like it had no effect on me. It has a sort of anise/liquorice flavour and it burned going down. I sipped it slowly, with ice(even though I was told drink at room temperature and shots in quick succession). I honestly felt nothing until I closed my eyes, tried to sleep and saw a couple floating heads. When I read my ramblings this morning, I realized she did hit me. Oh, green fairy, you naughty little minx.

I still have a little bit left. I may share it with friends and write a nursery rhyme.

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