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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Date # 2

CODENAME: Edelweiss

When he first messaged me on POF, I thought he was cute. When he called and he had an Austrian accent I thought *schwing*.  I was there ahead of time, so I went to the ladies room and made sure everything was in place. When I came back he was waiting at the bar. He turned and I said "Edelweiss?" He said "Jå". He wore a  fedora and looked a  smidgen older than his picture, but still handsome; Perhaps he thought I looked prettier and slimmer in mine. After some negotiaton we decided to go for sushi.

THE GOOD: We had a good rapport and conversation throughout. He was funny(a little corny),engaging  and a little presumptuous. He seems very spiritual and knowledgable about eastern medicine and holistic therapies. I got a palm reading, therapy session and astrology in one date. There was some flirtation here and there. He said he liked my lips(who wouldn't?). He joked about having a pair of Lederhosen...If he only knew...We went for a drink after dinner.

THE BAD: During dinner, he asked me about my eyebrows. He wanted to know if they were tatooed and came in close to look at them. I am pretty self-concious about being nearly browless. I have been drawing them on since the age of 13. Don't ask me about my brows. He would watch my gesticulating as I spoke- as if he was reading into nuances that weren't there. He had some far out thoughts about the universe and how it came to be. When the dinner bill came, it sat there for a while and then he took out his cash to pay and I did the "reach" and there was no hesitation...he took it. I am by no means saying that a man should pay all the time, but always on the first date. While walking he noticed it was a full moon and started howling...yes, you read correctly. He made me howl with him.

He was a nutter, but so I am. I just don't let my freak flag fly so early. It wasn't bad. I was entertained most of the night and if he called I would consider going out with him again. I dropped him off at a corner we said gute nacht without making any promises to call. When I got home I checked my POF and he was on-line too. I guess the hunt continues...


  1. Good on ya for going! Reading your blog is a great way to procrastinate doing my homework, and I get to live vicariously through your wacky dating experiences. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I know I'm a year late..but this is so funny..I've had some of the same issues....After the date yall both still online..But I've already smashed so Its a little different on my end. But sounds like u had a good date..I shall read more most maybe I'll get the update.